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Jacu Bird Brand
Our Story

Our Coffee Starts with a Bird.

It’s the bird you see in our logo—the Jacu bird, native to Brazil. When coffee was introduced to Brazil in the 1700s, Jacu birds devoured it. And coffee farmers realized that the beans the birds had digested lost all their bitterness, making coffee from Jacu birds a precious commodity.

Sure, it might sound a little weird at first, but we admire a bird that takes only what it needs from its environment and gives back something even better.

  • We Grow Our Coffee with the Same Goal.

    We work directly with farmers, cutting out middlemen so that farmers can pay their laborers higher wages and benefits.

  • We Grow Our Coffee With the Same Goal.

    We handpick our coffee and use moderate energy and water.

  • We Grow Our Coffee With the Same Goal.

    We process our coffee with centuries-old methods—like the Samba Honey method, where you smash the cherries by foot to expose the honey of the coffee cherry. You then dry the beans in the sun, allowing the coffee cherry to ferment and grow in flavor complexity.

Our Impact

It doesn't stop with the harvest – we reinvest 20% of our profits into communities.

Landcrafted Artesinal Coffee

When You Buy Jacu Coffee, You Help Us...

  • Provide medical clinics for families

  • Purchase natural habitats to place in reserves, helping to prevent deforestation and protect uncontacted tribes. (So far, we’ve bought 1200 hectares and placed it in reserves)

  • Purchase school buses so that children in rural areas have an opportunity to go to school

  • Fund scholarships for lower-income students to attend competitive schools, giving them a better shot at admission to the top universities in Brazil